Employee Safety Program

We Proudly Offer a Guaranteed Solution to Employee Foot, Knee, Hip and Low Back Pain:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*(During the 14 Day Break in Period).
  • Extended Money Back Period* (less Fabrication fee-60 Days).
  • Accurate Computerized Measurements and Custom Fitting of Insoles and professional Shoe fitting.
  • Rapid Fabrication – Delivery of Insoles for most employees within 1 hour -4 days maximum.
  • Offering A Significant Discount on Safety Shoes.
  • Our Insoles fit most Shoes/Boots without needing to move to a larger size shoe converting each shoe into a custom fit shoe/boot.

Our Insoles are Transferable From Shoe To Shoe creating a Custom Fit and Guaranteed Correction for Faulty Lower Extremity Biomechanical

Employee Safety & Injury Prevention Program Highlights

Intervention v. Prevention:
Hip, Knee Replacement, and Low Back Surgeries v. The cost of prevention of the common causes of injuries:

A Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost $32,299.(W/ time off work, additional services, pre surgery visits, follow up care and treatments necessary for recovery).
We offer a guaranteed solution for prevention of Hip, Low Back, Knee, and Foot Pain caused by repetitive motion and faulty biomechanical function.  Our injury prevention program is approximately $225.00 per employee. 

(100% Money Back Guarantee*, Extended Money Back Period 60 Days, 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty).

For the price ofone surgical attempt to address one employees symptoms (chronic pain, limited mobility, etc,), participating in our injury prevention program will reduce the need for such an intervention many of your staff .

In other words, for the price of one surgery, our employee safety and injury prevention program will reduce your organizations risk of exposure to higher health care cost, expensive surgeries, days of missed work, and work related injury claims for over than 140 employees.


· State of the Art Computer Generated Customized Insoles

· Guaranteed Relief of Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain.

· 100% Money Back Guarantee*  3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

· Fits Most Types of Footwear

· Corrects and Prevents: Bunions, Plantar Faciitis, Neuroma, Sciatic Nerve Entrapment, Hammer Toes, Fallen Arches, Diabetic Foot Pressure Ulceration, Knee Hip Back Pain!

· We Guarantee It!


Our services are approved by:

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Voluntary Employee Benefits Account (VEBA)

Minnesota Medical Assistanct (Straight MA)

& Other Insurance Carriers – Depending on Policy

Tax Deductible-Uniform-  Check with your Tax Preparer

We will assist as needed with the reimbursement process.   However, it is your responsibility to consult your health care plan, Workers’ Compensation or Medicare for coverage information

We Accept
HSA - FSA - Medical Savings Accounts