No two feet are alike!

Buying a pair of orthotics/insoles off the shelf or molded from your problematic feet, or any other method that is not truly customized for you, is like buying a suit that has not been tailored properly to your body… It often just doesnt fit or feel quite right.

The benefit of wearing  SOLE ESSENTIALS customized insoles are as important as having a solid foundation for you home. Houses are not built with the one size fits all approach to preparing the foundation. This thinking should be applied when it comes to our bodies as well.   Your feet are your foundation and interface with Terra Firma (Earth)  and any malalignment will have significant impact on your ankles, knees, hips, back and neck.   If we start with a properly aligned, solid foundation (our feet) the rest of our body will naturally fall in line.

Recognizing that no two feet are alike,  no two insoles should be identical to one another or any other persons. The method of making insoles from a mold is a traditional practice used for over 75 years.  Most people rightfully question that copying my foot would also copy the problem!

The use of our new technology has allowed for advancements in orthotic foot care.  Sole Essentials creates a truly customized insole to stabilize your body from the ground up, and alleviate foot, knee, hip and back problems.

Sole Essentials is capable of over 5600 functionable combinations to make a pair of customized insoles for each individual foot.

There are many cases where a person’s feet are extremely different when it comes to shape, size and function.

As you can see in the photo our client has an extremely high arch on the  left foot and puts a lot more pressure on the right foot while in motion. The left foot is also significantly shorter than the right.  We are able to offer a truly customized pair of insoles for each foot.

There is no one size fits all solution to your foot problem.  Visit SOLE ESSENTIALS  for your Free Computerized Foot Function Analysis.  Contact us via our website to schedule an appointment.