Why Customized Orthotics

The human species has been on earth for thousands of years and since the beginning we have always used our feet to get around. No matter what mode of transportation we have used, be it donkey, horse, cart, car, boat or plane we still had to and still have to use our feet to continue to get around. As long as our feet are our primary mode of transportation we will always have foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems. If the foot does not move then nothing else moves.

Today technology has made great innovations in footwear to try to help alleviate a lot of the problems and symptoms that go on with continuous use of our feet on a daily basis. Even still the footwear that we purchase is not individualized and still is based on outdated premises to try to achieve the desired outcome. Shoes alone will not be able to solve the issues that our body have that come from constantly being misaligned and the daily punishment that we give the body from being in constant motion. Just like a house our bodies need to have a solid foundation.

Wearing an orthotic or insole can help alleviate body problems and in some cases help correct problems that our bodies have. You can always buy a random pair of insoles at the store that are not customized for you. Kinda like just wearing anybody’s glasses and hoping you can see out of them. The problem with majority of insoles are that they are modeled after thousand of years old practices to make the insole.  There is the option of getting a pair of customized insoles from your podiatrist, chiropractor or other medical doctor, that continue to make insoles the same way they did when people only wore robes for clothing. These insoles are just cast mold replicas of your feet. If you take a mold of your foot that has a problem, in sense we are just recreating the problem, right?

Customized orthotics made by Sole Essentials is the next step in custom insole evolution. Your feet are constantly in motion so to take a mold of your foot while standing does little for you once you start to move. When taking your measurements with the computerized pressure plate, Sole Essentials takes in to account your static (standing) and dynamic (walking) foot functions to make a customized orthotic specific for each foot for each individual.  No one else can wear your orthotic and they will not be able to be swapped around, left and right like so many other so called custom orthotics on the market.

We no longer walk around with monocles to see or horns to hear. We should no longer rely on old techniques to try and cure the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems that we have.

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