Making a Big Difference

Review for Sole Essentials
Making a Big Difference
It is very rare that I leave a comment or post something about a product, but I felt that maybe my comments might allow someone else to benefit from this product. I had my doubts about the inserts but they worked for me and hopefully others could get the relief, comfort and benefits from the inserts as well. Mr. Hudson stopped me one day while I was walking out of the PX on Fort Campbell after doing some Christmas shopping. I thought to myself, he is going to try and sell me something that I don’t really need. He was very polite and asked why I was wearing a rocker shoe, I told him that I had to have corrective surgery for Charcot Foot and this was a solution to help me walk better. He asked me to take a few minutes to let him try something and I agreed. He put some inserts in my shoes and had me walk around to see how it felt. It felt fine but wasn’t much better than the rocker shoe, he tried some different ones and I again walked around and this time it felt like I was walking somewhat normal again. He told me he could make me a custom pair of inserts that would feel like this all the time. I had my doubts because I have heard this story many times and from many people who have wanted me to try this or try that. Mr. Hudson looked me in the eye and said, “You haven’t tried mine and I guaranty my insoles”. I agreed to let him get my measurements and make me a pair. I received them the day after Christmas and used them like the instructions said. After about a week of walking in them I met with my doctor who was impressed with them and told me to get rid of the rocker shoe and wear these instead. My physical therapist now has me using the elliptical instead of the recumbent bicycle, and is always talking about how well I am progressing now with these insoles. I talked with Mr. Hudson today, almost a month after receiving my inserts. I had to let him know that I had my doubts about the inserts and the difference that the inserts have made for me. I ordered two more pair so I can have them in each pair of my shoes and not have to keep swapping them out. I don’t think the inserts will ever allow me to be able run and jump again but they have without a doubt improved my quality of life and ability to walk, and hopefully one day be able to walk without a cane.

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