Thank you Sole Essentials for getting me back to work, pain free

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Thank you Sole Essentials for getting me back to work, pain free
Thank you Sole Essentials for getting me back to work, pain free. Your scientific medical orthotic shoe inserts are saving me from expenses of doctor visits (foot, knee, hip), knee injections, and pain meds - saving Delta (and me) a ton of money. I don’t have to drop trips because something hurts, and when I AM working, I’m not having to sit down to “rest” like I used to when foot, knee, hip and back pain talked to me. I also sleep better because I haven’t caused irritations that kept me flipping and turning to get comfortable all night! A podiatrist told me I needed custom orthotics after my hip replacement, so that I could have optimal balance and correct alignment after walking wrong for so long as my hip deteriorated. I had gotten Sole Essentials insoles three years ago, which helped with knee pain, plus corrected my posture and helped with back issues at the time. I showed the podiatrist the Sole Essentials I’d been wearing, and he said that those were exactly the type I needed. After the hip surgery, I got new shoes and had Sole Essentials made for me. When the extensive testing at the Health Fair (E concourse in March) was finished, Lamar Hudson told me his tests showed that one leg was longer than the other. Only my hip surgeon knew that. I had been putting drugstore inserts, and even pieces of cardboard or paper towels in my shoes to compensate, and I knew I needed genuine support. I now have custom orthotics that are different from each other, because each side of my body has a different set of needs to balance correctly, and have everything work in symmetry - which is how our bodies were designed. As things wear down and deteriorate, the body tries to even it out, but that can cause something ELSE to be skewed that needs help. I have been trying to get a gel knee injection for weeks, due to being uncomfortable, and losing sleep. I don’t want to take a lot of pain meds - I’d rather fix the problem if it’s fixable. They have dropped the ball dealing with the special pharmacy, and I’ve been frustrated at the lack of coordination for the last three months. My Sole Essentials insoles came, and I wore them some of the time for the first few days, then all the time. Now my knee doctor’s office is calling to schedule the injection I was in tears over getting. Guess what - Over the last month, I have forgotten the knee! It doesn’t talk to me at all! I thought it might lessen the discomfort, but I’m not having any pain at all. I have been miserable with the knee for months....I know that the Sole Essentials orthotics have allowed balance to my body, and bones aren’t banging together like they were without them. The scientific testing that Sole Essentials does is very interesting to see. Not just one little test, but several ways of weighing and measuring what your body is doing and not doing. Delta and UHC should look at this technology and see how it works to the benefit of everyone. They should get together and make these available at minimal cost to those of us who are on our feet for so long, and for those of us who have balance, back and posture issues as we age. It would save on sick leave, medical visits, prescription meds and grumpiness from discomfort! — All of which saves Delta’s bottom line, and makes for happier, healthier crew members! Delta has been talking to us for quite a while now with videos, memos, signs, etc., about how to be healthier - lifting, standing, ergonomics, etc. — this is a huge addition to that way of thinking, and of saving money and keeping us healthy at the same time! Thank you, Sole Essentials! Joyce Harrison 610/ATL

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