By R.J. Smiley

“Every golfer is looking for that competitive edge. For many golfers the solution is not new clubs or lessons. The edge is proper body alignment; and that starts with your feet.” Those are the words of R. Lamar Hudson, BOCPD, a Board Certified Pedorthist and owner of Sole Essentials. Hudson explains that by doing a “static and dynamic” foot function analysis of any individual he can relieve most aches and pains. But more importantly, he can improve performance for any athlete, regardless of their sport.

The computerized foot function analysis takes only five minutes. “Most people are shocked that I can tell them where their feet hurt,” smiles Hudson. “When I review the computerized pictures of their feet, the customer sees, in vivid color, where their problems originate.”

A Pedorthist does a gait analysis and range of motion exam. In addition to the foot function analysis, he evaluates the footwear of the individual and does various balance determinations. Armed with that information, a Pedorthist then proceeds with casting and measuring for customized footwear. The final step, the fabrication of orthotic shoe inserts specifically designed for that individual.

Hudson, who has a degree from the University of St. Thomas in Entrepreneurial Management, received his Pedorthist education at Oklahoma State University. As a Board Certified Pedorthist, he is trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics and the appropriate use of corrective footwear – including shoes, shoe modifications and other Pedorthic devices.

“No two people are alike; and each foot has its own biomechanical identity. That is why “off the rack” orthotics are of little use. Foam or cushion orthotics or insoles may give brief relief, but they do not fix the problem. Our individually designed inserts provide a solution to plantar fasciitis, knee, hip, and lower back pain”

Hudson has traveled to Dubai where he worked his magic on several members on the Ruling Family. In only a few days the Sultan returned to Hudson and said, “This is the best I have felt in almost 20 years. Please fix my friends.”

He regularly travels to military bases around the U.S. to give foot and back relief to America’s finest. “Soldiers, especially those special forces type, depend on their feet. Proper foot wear can be vital to a successful mission.”

A longtime employee at MSP airport, who is on her feet all day long, came to Hudson about relief. After only two weeks wearing the custom made orthotics she returned to Hudson and said, “Now when I get home instead of kicking off my boots and getting into my slippers for relief, I just leave my boots on!”

Since 2012 Hudson and his staff have occupied a storefront in the “F” Concourse near Gate 6 at MSP. This seems like a very unusual location for a company of this type. Hudson explained, “Where else can I have 8,000 people a day walk past my store. I watch people limp down the corridor and instantly know that I can relieve their pain and make them feel better.” Hudson loves to tell the story of a man who was limping down the corridor with a brief case in each hand, shoulders rotating left and right as he walked.

“I can relieve that pain and fix that limp,” Hudson said.

“Prove it!”

“He still stops by our store each time he is in the Twin Cities to thank me.”

These orthotic implants are specifically designed for each individual improve athletes no matter what their sport. Golfers can see almost instant results. The orthotics balances your weight evenly. These inserts painlessly distribute an individual’s weight onto the proper areas of the feet. The result is swinging the golf club with better balance and increased swing speed.

The next time you are at MSP proceed to Concourse F Gate 6 and let the professionals at Sole Essentials give you a five minute “Foot Function Analysis.” In addition to the MSP location, Sole Essentials has an office in downtown St. Paul in the Kellogg Square Office Building on the Skyway Level. Call 651-298-0652 for an appointment at either location.