Don’t delay, like I did

I finally followed through with a recommendation from my Chiropractor. My wife got orthotics from Lamar a couple of years ago but, for some reason, I waited until about a month ago. She is very happy her orthotics. Being 61 years old, I started having knee discomfort well over a year ago. Determined not to be crippled up like my, now deceased, elderly parents, I decided that exercise (stretching), diet and high quality supplements would be the path for me. I constantly attempt to self-diagnose any physical issues I encounter although reacting to what your body is telling you is important. All of my other joints are pain-free. I previously had insoles from Good Feet (over 10 years ago) and from a Podiatrist (sometime in my early 30’s). Good Feet does not make insoles that are custom-designed for your left foot and your right foot based on your standing and walking weight distribution. I recently went through a number of store-bought insoles and shoes trying to discover a formula to get my knees back to normal. My advice, save that money and put it toward orthotics from Sole Essentials. I have been using mine for two weeks now and keep waiting for knee discomfort to resurface. It won’t be long and I will forget that I had knee discomfort. Lamar is now a trusted member of our family’s team of go to experts.

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