Happy Feet = Improved Golf, Bowling and Aerobics!!

My feet were killing me! Four years ago, I was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma- a pinched nerve of both feet- a painful condition that were usually start flaring up by noon each day. It was worse while golfing, bowling and doing aerobics. I had shots of Cordizone for temporary relief but usually was taking at least 800 mg of ibuprofen each day to relieve the pain. I threw out my old shoes and purchased $200+ shoes specifically for the foot condition. I tried store bought inserts too for my golf and bowling shoes but nothing worked. I had to stop taking ibuprofen and was searching for another solution which turned out to be Sole Essentials! Lamar set up a vendor table at a Golf event two years ago and I listened to his pitch, decided to give it a try and bought both the dress and sandal inserts. These have really changed my life. My golf game has improved- feet feel great and I am more balanced- my handicap decreased nearly 6 points. My bowling game improved- raising my average from 126 to 142. I can do aerobics for an hour and my feet are pain free. My feet rarely hurt!! If they do, it’s usually from flip flops or sandals that the inserts do not work with or excessive walking. Plus, no more ibuprofen!!

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