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My name is ED Yasana

I have been a Supervisory Transportation Security Officer at HNL International Airport for seventeen years. I have lived with constant back and hip pain due to an injury I suffered over twenty years ago.
It was highly recommended that I have back surgery but I opted not to. Two years after my injury
I was able to pass the physical for TSA and was hired during the nationwide rollout of TSA in 2002.
Although I’ve had constant dull ache pain in my low back and pain down my leg. I’ve maintained my physical “fit for duty status” by working out, rehab therapy and riding waves. I’ve used meds, injections, supplements, creams, gels, magnets, supports etc. to take the edge off, but just sucked it up and live with it was my usual treatment.

I met Lamar Hudson at the HNL Airport while I was leaving work and he saw me walking and stumbling toward the escalator. Lamar was working at a health and safety seminar for Delta Airlines. He commented that he might be able to help me and gave me some information on his product.
I worked as a multi-disciplinary chiropractic-medical infra-red thermography technician for about ten years prior to TSA and was very familiar with his form of treatment. I was evaluated with his unit and saw exactly how I was putting pressure on my feet while I was walking and standing. After his evaluation and trying his sample product, I knew I wanted to try this product. There was no pressure to buy.
At the time I had constant pain in my hip and had even gone to a Doctor to see if I might need a hip replacement. When I got my custom orthotics, the first week I noticed I was walking longer distances with better posture. Three months later the pain in my hip seemed to lessen. This is my fifth month using the orthotics and the pain in my hip is totally gone. I am able to walk longer distances and have been able to increase my work out load at the gym. I know I am walking better than I have in the last five years. My quality of life with my movement and pain reduction has improved a hundred fold.

I recommend getting an evaluation by Lamar if you have any issues with low back or hip pain that may be related to the way you walk or posture.

Thank you for helping me Lamar.


Edward T. Yasana STSO -ATLAS -BD
Supervisory Transportation Security Officer – Behavior Detection
ATLAS Advanced Threat Local Allocation Strategy
Department of Homeland Security – Transportation Security Administration
Daniel K. Inoye International Airport – HNL

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