Singing praises

I came into contact with Sole Essentials over 3 years ago and have been singing their praises since. I am a physician that worked long hours and by midday my feet would be in excruciating pain, trying not to limp down the hospital corridors. After wearing the insoles, the pain in my feet and knee resolved almost immediately. I became a believer and have worn them ever since. As a traveling doctor I saw the need daily. I worked with the military, elderly, diabetic, and the average patient in different settings, seeing so many conditions that could be remedied by Mr. Hudson’s Custom orthotics. Mr. Hudson has stood by his product. He even personally came to fit orthotics to my narrow feet/shoes and to be available to provide this service to the clinic which I worked. I highly recommend Mr. Hudson and Sole Essentials Custom Insoles product. I wish it were available for all my patients in every state and place that I worked. Sole Essentials Orthotic results are amazing and durable! I tell people about them on a regular basis. Over the years, I have tried a myriad of orthotics including Dr. Scholl’s, TV infomercial shoe inserts, and etc. but none have ever come close.

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